C-3 Time (Constant Course Corrections)

I had a really good run from October to end of February. Exercising, eating right and feeling a lot less stressed. As soon as the Kaia BRIK was over, I thought, hey, I can keep right on making progress. I was dreaming of another five pounds and another pant size down.

The reality is that for 10 days I did pretty much nothing but sit around and eat. Watching tv and playing the incredibly addictive solitaire game on my iphone. I worked. A lot. Too much, maybe. But I have a new project and that always sucks me in until I feel like I have a handle on it. Early morning meetings with Mumbai and late meetings with Shanghai. Finally I put the workouts in my calendar and blocked out the time before and after, too. Still possible to get invitations, but won’t feel as guilty about declining them.

Made it to a workout on Tuesday. This morning I started cleaning my bedroom which was reflective of my mental state, so not pretty. Piles of clothes and accessories all over the floor and I actually can’t remember the last time I took out the garbage which is now reaching ridiculous proportions. I will also be able to pack up a box of really huge clothes that I was wearing in October last year. Yay!

So, time to roll up my sleeves and dig into my life a bit and give it some of the same attention as my job. Tended my little seedling garden in my sunroom and now I’m having coffee with my husband. Beautiful view of the mountains and mostly sunny blue sky. My son is sleeping upstairs and our dog is lying at our feet. 

Life is good.

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