Enjoying the View

Gratitude is a muscle that must be exercised. Since the layoff, I’ve been focusing on my blessings more than my challenges, which makes a lovely change. Today I am feeling grateful for the view from my office window.

My desk has an amazing view of the snow capped peaks of the Sierras, trees, blue sky and sunshine. There are two huge trees on my side of the house that provide shade (once we get some leaves) and some pretty amazing bird activity. Once we had a pair of mating, then nesting falcons – totally cool. There is a battered old sofa that must be 40 years old, possibly more, that makes a perfect spot for a cup of tea and a good read. My friend Meredith sent me a Route Master blanket that keeps my knees warm and makes me dream of double decker buses in London. Book cases line the walls, filled with books I’ve read and enjoyed and one or two that I’ve not read. Someday I may get around to those, too. I have a stereo that has both a CD and a cassette player so I can entertain myself with 80’s mix tapes and my collection of audio books or try something more modern.

In this room I write, sort papers, do taxes, hunt for jobs, play solitaire and rest. I spent several days going through junk and weeding out books and papers that I don’t want or need anymore. It feels more peaceful than it did when it was full of stuff. I’ve probably spent more time in there in the last month than I have in the last year. It’s my space. A room of my own.

How lucky I am.

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