Switching Gears

I’ve decided that flexibility will be the key to success. I spent a couple of hours with my son, figuring out all that we could, should and would do each day. We now have a Brier Patch Academy daily plan that includes not only reading and writing and arithmetic, but chores and exercise. We tried it out on Friday, but almost immediately realized we needed to swap things around in order because we were going out for lunch. No problem. We still managed to get through quite a bit. Next week we’ll start over, with our adjusted schedule and see how that goes. If it doesn’t work, we’ll change it. See? Flexible!

One of the things I’ve added to our schedule is writing time. Some in the morning, some in the afternoon. I’ve set myself a goal of completing the draft of one chapter a week and I’ve outlined the book into about 12 chapters. I am determined NOT to edit until the first draft is complete. This is ALWAYS where I bog down and fail. I keep editing and re-editing the same chapters until I’m sick of it and the writing is technically correct but I’ve sucked all the life out of it.

Another addition to our schedule is gardening. I realized after my husband got his job offer this week, that I’ve been avoiding my garden because I was afraid I would lose it. Last year at this time I had beautifully double dug beds and early plantings protected with row cover and plastic. This year, nada. So today I’m going to get out and start cleaning up the flower beds around the house. We lost a ton of soil and mulch in a big wind storm in February so it’s time to dig up the chicken run and use all that lovely compost to build up the beds again. I’ve got two truckloads of tree bark to replace all the decorative mulch that was blown away.

I can’t whine about it too much. After all, I live in the high desert Sierra mountains. A little wind, a little drought, temperature that ranges 50 degrees in one day – that’s the price we pay for living in the most beautiful place in the world.

Gotta go. There’s chicken poop to be scooped.

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