Wanted: Fur Baby


Daisy (aka Ava) is back at home with her family. There is a very happy eleven year old down the street and a very sad thirteen year old upstairs. We enjoyed our time with her. It felt good to have a dog sitting by our feet and nudging our hands for more patting. It was clear after our day with Daisy that we are definitely ready to bring home a new dog. After talking about it and looking at all the dogs available in our area, we found several at one shelter that we like and have submitted our application to adopt.

Shanda, a Border Collie & Beagle Mix, reminds me so much of Scrappy when she was a puppy. So elegant and yet playful. Plus, Shanda is a Yiddish word that has a lot of meaning for my husband’s family. They had several boats of that name so it strikes a chord for us. Right now we are waiting eagerly to find out if she or her sisters are still available after the big adoption event this weekend. Once we hear from them, we will go meet and hopefully, bring home our new fur baby.

Whether to get a puppy or an adult dog was a big discussion. I felt that we were in a great position to rescue an older dog but my husband and son were equally fierce. They want to build the same connection we’ve had in the past with our other dogs – all puppies when we got them. I finally agreed (but only since I was outvoted) to get a puppy first, but will keep looking for an older dog who needs us and will do well with the new baby.

Our next task is to finish the repairs to our fence from the big wind storm in February. We got a tiny little check from the insurance company after our whopping deductible and have bought the parts. Now we need to strap on our tool belts and get ‘er done.

I must give a shout out to Dog Town Canine Rescue I and Pupz N Palz Rescue for what they do. They rescue newborn puppies and seniors and other dogs at risk. Dog Town recently airlifted two seriously injured dogs from Iran – it’s a heartwarming story unfolding on their page. Pupz N Palz is bottle feeding lots of puppies and kittens who have been abandoned, as well as nursing seriously ill dogs back to health.

It takes a lot of heart, not to mention time and money, to do what they do and they could use our support. In my current financial situation, I can’t give much, but I hope the small amount I gave helps. They say that even $5 helps, but I’m sure it’s better if about a thousand people do that.  I’m also digging up towels, blankets, heating pads and other things that they can use. Brother, if you can spare a dime, please click the link and help save a life today.

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