And now, ladies and gentlemen: Lynard Skynard

lynyrdskynyrdI couldn’t seem to get going this morning. For the last month my fingers have just been itching to write. Usually I can’t get my chores done fast enough in the morning. Then I race to the computer and the thoughts just come pouring out.

This morning? Nothing. Had no interest at all in writing. Finally came to me that my head was all messed up because I had a job interview this morning. Not a real job interview, an informational interview.

Have you heard of these? Apparently the whole goal of job searching these days is to line up as many informational interviews as possible in your target industry and then at your target companies. Okaaaaaaay.

So that’s what I’ve been working on and today I got an interview with an actual person who hires for the top company on my list. It was fun, she was great, but I can’t help thinking what does this actually accomplish? I know they don’t have any positions that I’m interested in right now. I guess it gets me on the radar and when I do apply for something down the road, they remember me. Of course, I hope it’s not as “That stalker woman who nagged us until we talked to her.”

That wouldn’t be good.

So my brain was all work focused and blocked from creative thinking and writing. Shaking that off took a lot of Facebooking, reading about elephants going to sanctuaries and Ethiopia reclaiming their farming history. Then I plugged in the Pandora and got a little Lynard Skynard going. Now James Brown is feeling good and so am I.

AC/DC has TNT and dynamite going and I need to get out to the garage and start setting up for the garage sale. Got the garage organized and all the stuff I want to sell pulled out. Now I need to sort and dust and display because tomorrow is the big day. It’s fun, in a crazy masochistic way. I’m mostly looking forward to not having this stuff in my garage anymore.

Do you know something? For the first time in my life, I could actually park in my garage. We could even set up our wood working shop we’ve talked about for the last 20 years. Yes. 20 years we’ve been pulling stuff out to work on the porch or the driveway. Now, we can do stuff in the actual garage. Pretty cool, huh? Probably you have a really neat organized garage where the is no possibility you could own 13 hammers. 15 if you count the rubber mallets.

If anyone is in the area, stop by the garage sale on Friday morning. I’ll be out there all weekend and then the truck is coming on Monday to pick up the leftovers.  so must get out. Have a great day everyone, I gotta get to work. Okay, maybe I’ll finish Ray Charles’  Hit the Road Jack and my coffee. THEN I’ll go.

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