Dog Whisperer

Dog Whisperer IV, 100th Episiode Celebration Ep Code: 3270

I was off track the very first week. More focused on the yard sale than my primary job as homeschool mom and housekeeper. Yard sale did earn enough money to buy the puppy and take care of shots and food and an exercise yard and toys and all that stuff. We’ve never had an exercise yard before, but something about the pit bull seems to call for it. I want to give her as few distractions and opportunities for destruction as possible. (We won’t mention the sun room cushion because it is totally mend-able.)

She’s a smart little thing. Very food motivated so we do morning training and she gets one or two pieces of food for everything she does right. Seems a little mean but the trainer we are working with said it is the way to go, so that’s what we are doing. She can sit, come, walk, get into the crate and come out of the crate on command. She has only had one tiny accident and seems adjusted to having her poop and pee in the same place. Pretty impressive for the first four days. We are also working on the nipping, chewing and jumping. All totally normal for a puppy, but we have to start the training NOW because when she’s 80 pounds, it won’t be so cute.

We’ve been watching Cesar Milan on Netflix and really enjoying what he does with the dogs. Seems to focus mainly on training the owners which is funny but apparently so true. So we’re going to train ourselves. I demand chocolate for my treats, though.

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