I woke up early yesterday and had a big day. By 8 PM I was so tired that I went to bed. But couldn’t sleep. Finally fell asleep about midnight. At 3:00 AM the light in my ceiling fan flickered on and began flashing. I am extremely light sensitive, so it woke me up and then it was an hour or more before I fell asleep, only to be awakened by my own alarm clock at 6:00 AM. Slapped it around to teach it a lesson, then went back to sleep, completely forgetting about the new puppy.

Finally came downstairs at 7:00 AM to find that my wonderful husband had walked the puppy, fed the puppy and was walking the puppy again. Pretty amazing, that man. We hung outside with the puppy for a while, waiting for her to do her double trouble routine. (My husband finally figured out that she pees, then poops, pees again, then poops and pees one more time in about a 30 minute period. Couldn’t figure out why she kept having accidents. Now we know!)

I made breakfast and tried to reclaim the kitchen. I was in Reno all day yesterday and the dishes, they were piled high. Too tired when I came home to try and wrangle them then, but I’m on load two now and should catch up by lunchtime. Boy do we use a lot of dishes.

Wait, where was I?

Oh right, sleep. So my son and my husband stayed up late watching a movie. Then AFTER the movie finished, they played a little mine craft. So they are both having after breakfast naps. I’m having coffee, then I’m going to go out and fix my guest house fence that has been broken since the windstorm in February. I keep saying I am going to do that, but darn it, today we are going to do it. The dog got out of the fence yesterday and if he’d gotten hurt I would have been responsible – AGAIN – for not keeping an animal safe. Not going to happen, so I’m strapping on my tool belt and getting it done. TODAY.

Then I’m going to have a nap.

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