Crappy Day

Yesterday was not a good day for the plan of eating. For one thing, I didn’t have one, so when I got hungry and my son offered to make me an egg and toast, I said yes.

It was whole grain, sprouted bread and I talked myself into believing that it would be okay.

But then I didn’t plan a good lunch so came in from working in the garage faint with hunger and grabbed the Nosa lemon yogurt. I knew. KNEW that it was full of sugar with the first bite, but I kept eating it. 36 grams of sugar. More sugar than I’ve had in total for the last two weeks.

Two weeks where I lost more than 2 pounds. 2 weeks when I had energy and good mood and felt great about myself.

So I had the yogurt and then tried to get back on track. I had a salad with chopped egg and bacon on it and that seemed to be fine. But  before dinner I was starving and I offered to take the boys out for burgers and fries just so I could have one.

I ate all of it. For forms sake, I left the last three, pathetic, overcooked and dried out fries on the plate, but I ate the other 100 or so. Dipped in ranch dressing, no less.

I had half the burger but by then I was so full, I was feeling sick. Instead of leaving it on the table, I boxed it up and brought it home. (I have successfully boxed up food before and left it on the table “by accident” but not this time.

A couple of hours later I had angered my son enough to leave the living room and I was alone and ate the rest of the burger.

Then I crawled upstairs and into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I woke up this morning, determined to make THIS DAY a better one. That’s all I can do. Work on today.


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