A Good Week

Seriously impressed with how good I feel after only a week on the Engine 2 Rescue Challenge. I have had almost entirely compliant food for six days and today started with a big bowl of vegan, whole grain cereal with spinach, banana and pineapple, covered with almond milk. I liked it. I like my oatmeal more, but now I know I have a quick backup meal.

Day 1 started with steel cut oatmeal. Apples, cinnamon and some cahews as I am allergic to walnuts. Asparagus for my greens. Green tea with breakfast and black coffee for the commute to Carson City. 

Got my lunch packed for the week to grab an go. Bowl with mixed greens, potatoes, pinto beans, black beans,  peppers, onions, mushrooms, corn and asparagus.

Dinner is zoodles with marinara and a ratatouille stuffed pepper.

Snack, if needed,  is a fruit and hummus and a corn tortilla (street taco size).

No sugar. No dairy. No meat.

(Well I did eat one chicken wing.)

Monday stats:

  • Fasting blood sugar 141
  • Belly 53″
  • Weight 247
  • 54 years old and 5’4″

Friday stats:

  • Fasting blood sugar 120
  • Belly 49″
  • Weight 242

Me likey!

Week two starts tomorrow and I am so on board! Signed up with a personal​ trainer starting Monday. Oh boy! 

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