I met Jesus today

He was walking along the highway at dusk, headed into the mountains. He was loaded down with bags and backpacks and carrying a big box.

He was crying.

I did a u-turn and went back to ask if he needed a ride. He said “That would be great.” Where to? “As far as you are going.”

Since I was only going about a mile, I offered to drive him wherever he was headed.

San Bernardino.

That’s almost 9 hours away. By car. So I asked for the story. 

He’d been living with a lady about 9 miles away and working in the area. There was a minor incident and she got mad and kicked him out. He was headed home.

So I took him home and we fed him dinner and made up a bed on the sofa. My husband was worried we were going to be murdered in our sleep. Or worse – robbed!

I didn’t think so. I got a good vibe from him. He seemed like a nice kid who had trouble and just wanted to get home.

We fed him breakfast and drove him to Reno to the Greyhound station where he bought a ticket. Two transfers and about 24 hours and he’ll be home. 

Jesus Lopez Bueno – good luck to you. Thank you for letting me pay back one of the many times I have rescued. 

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