Does this WOE make me look taller?

7 Day Engine 2 Challenge Results

Last Monday was the first day of the challenge. I posted my stats:

  • Fasting blood sugar 141
  • Belly 53″
  • Weight 247
  • 54 years old and 5’4″

Today’s Stats:

  • Fasting blood sugar 120 w/out meds
  • Belly 47″
  • Weight 242

Still 54 years old and 5’4″ but I feel younger and taller!!

Surprisingly easy to stay on this way of eating (WOE). So much variety! After a lifetime of grilled chicken and salad when I am “being good” this was awesome.

Everyone said my taste buds would change and they did. The saltaholic stopped double salting and reduced to a sprinkle. Kicked my sugar cravings. Down to one cup of coffee and day. And I have discovered a new love of fruit and bread and other “forbidden foods”!

My pants are looser and I am packing up my fat pants to donate.  Again. So what? I am clearing out clutter from my house, my body and my head. 

I have been eating (mostly) vegan for one month. I ate 1-3 ounces of meat three times in the last month.

End of first vegan month

Month two begins today!

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