Bright Line Eating – Day 41

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will begin my 7th week eating with Bright Lines. I have lost 15 pounds. Dropped another 2 full sizes. In the world of yo-yo dieting where I once owned property and held a high office, that’s nothing.

But in the world I live in now – no dieting, no binging, no whacking off parts of your body to make the scale move – that’s just short of a miracle. Doing that since Thanksgiving? Through two trips cross country 4 airport days), two weddings and assorted rehearsal and other family events, two big holiday parties, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve party and New Year’s Day dinner? Miraculous seems just  right.  (Until you know the science!)

The biggest, bestest part of all is that I feel amazing. Energetic after so long forcing myself to move. Clear headed from the brain fog that has started to lift. My memory is improving.

My mood is also up – so up I had to reduce my SAD meds and then titrated right down and off them. First time in 20 years I haven’t been medicated for New Year’s. (And not suicidal…but HAPPY!)

I am rarely hungry. My biggest problem is eating all the food  – awesome, fabulous food – that I am supposed to eat. My second biggest problem is not jumping into an exercise program, because we are not supposed to until we pass the 90 day detox mark. (Unless you were already doing regular exercise.)

Yep. Doctor says “Don’t exercise. It will impede your weight loss.” Whoa!!!

I am using my energy to start digging out from under the staggering clutter that has built up in my house.

Cleared out my closet yesterday. Selling or donating a 3 foot high stack of clothes that are now too big.

So – when your current New Year’s plan starts to falter, we are here for you!  The plan is simple (though for some reason people think this is more extreme than weight loss surgery):

1. No sugar and no sweeteners of any kind, natural, artificial – nothing sweet but fruit.

2. No flour of any kind. No healthy non-gluten flour. Whole grains, yes, but just for breakfast during weight loss phase.

3. Three meals a day. Period. Full stop. 5-6 hours apart. No snacks. This one was harder for me than the other two!

4. Weigh all your food on a digital scale. (While traveling, I did the one plate method where you pile up your salad and vegetables, add one piece of fruit, a card deck size amount of protein and. Thumb tip amount of fat.

I did the 14 day challenge – lost 7 pounds. Went on a 3 day binge and regained 3. (Thus helping to convince myself that my brain and body are addicted to flour and sugar.) Started the 8 week boot camp on December 20th. I am halfway through week 3. Have a wonderful Facebook group for support. Have daily coaching modules from Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson (my hero). I eat beautiful meals filled with flavor and texture and color. And now that I am home and the holidays are over, I am losing about a pound a day.

And you know what? I don’t care if it slows to a pound a month. This feels RIGHT.nucleus accumbens.jpeg



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