Day 68 with Blue Hair and (mostly) Bright Lines

Another three weeks and I am still making progress. Steady weight loss but also steady improvement in overall happiness and well being which may be more important!

Today I am wearing size 16 pants and weigh 215. I am 17 pounds from my next goal which is Onderland – meaning under 200 pounds. 199.9 will work!

I’ve been shopping and buying a few key items in size 16, 14, 12 and 10. When I get to 12 I might buy a few 8’s – how crazy is that? Also believe I saved some smaller clothes out in the garage. Will have to figure this out soon.

On the non-weight side of life – I dyed my hair blue this week. The spray on kind which thank goodness washed right out as advertised.

It was so much fun! Skinny jeans, chunky high heeled boots and a blue sweatshirt that says “Trust me, I’m a Jedi”.

Things at the Greenhouse are going well. Got a consulting gig or two to make some real money (gotta buy smaller pants!).

Going to celebrate my birthday and 100+ days on BLE with a visit to London. Can’t wait to see my friends!! IMG_20180130_200450808.jpg

2 thoughts on “Day 68 with Blue Hair and (mostly) Bright Lines

  1. Thanks for sharing your Bright Line experiences…I’m super-interested in what you’re going through because I have also had bariatric surgery. I worry about eating the prescribed amounts at one sitting…did you ever consider making meals smaller and adding a fourth meal? Is that even an option?

    • Absolutely an issue and there is a sanctioned option. You divide all your portions into 4 meals instead of three. The other option, which I chose, was to eat three meals, but eat a combination of denser foods and smaller portions. Breakfast was always a good amount for me except for fruit which I would reduce to 4 oz most of the time. For lunch, I would do the same and have half cooked and half raw veggies (aka salad) and have 6 oz. I often eat nuts as my protein as it’s a smaller portions. For dinner, I have 3 oz protein, not 4, and a 4 oz salad and a 4 oz cooked or fermented veg. (Or whatever combo appealed!) Good luck! It’s a great program.

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