Bright Lines – only a little blurred after 118 days

Still making progress but slowly. Lots of travel this month so I was only focusing on eating the right things. I am almost always eating them at the right time but not always and still struggling on quantity. That’s always where I fall down on this program – eating between meals (occasionally) and eating more than I should or not measuring so not having any idea if I’m eating the right amounts. During my trip I had a lot of “grain” servings at lunch and dinner, which is what we do when we get to maintenance weight. So no surprise, really, that I didn’t lose any weight. A nice surprise that I didn’t GAIN any weight. And now that I’m home, I’m working hard on re-entry so I lost 2 pounds this week. Despite that, I’m feeling very nervous and have lost my peace with the food. The reasons for this are obvious:

  1. Not writing down my food plan at night
  2. Not committing my food plan to my buddy
  3. Haven’t made it to a Master Mind call in two weeks (one tomorrow! Yay!)
  4. Have been constantly changing my food plan to the point where I am struggling with what the hell to eat
  5. Have stopped doing my daily checklist and have still not gotten back to it
  6. I broke my bright lines on Tuesday (one small NMF but still….lots of cravings and craziness the rest of the day)

The plan is:

  • Ask for a Bright Line sponsor (done)
  • Go back to the basics on the food plan and stop tinkering with what works
  • Write down today’s food and tomorrows
  • Commit my food to my buddy and my sponsor
  • Dig out my checklist and start doing it
  • Mastermind call tomorrow
  • Go back to WLS basics: eat slow, chew well, no drinks with meals, take my vitamins, drink my water,
  • Go back to the pool
  • Start blogging again (done!)

I can do this. Again. And again. Until I don’t need to start over anymore because I’ll be living the life I deserve.

Weight: 206.2 lbs – next goal is 199.9 so 6.3 pounds to go.

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