And the beat goes on…

I was dancing around the Greenhouse yesterday as I prepared plants for the summer plant sale.

Literally dancing.

And singing.

I was doing monotonous work that usually makes me impatient and cranky. Things like cleaning and paperwork.<shudder>

So I cranked up the speakers and played music that makes me feel alive. I made it through eight hours. Happily.

More and more happy moments this past month.

I am still following the Bright Line Eating program. Still avoiding all sugar and sweeteners and all flours. Still eating three meals a day and weighing my food.

I’m still active in Overeaters Anonymous and for the next year will be working with the OA World Virtual Services to make meetings available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from wherever you are.

Exciting stuff.

And fun. The World Service Business Conference blew my mind. OA is so much more than the USA. I met people from 17 countries. We have the same stories. We could connect and share with pictures and videos and the few words we spoke of each other’s language.


Still no job. Money is beyond tight. Very grateful my husband continues to do the daily grind while I do service at OA and the Greenhouse.

My health is good. Low blood sugars. Very rare gout attacks in my finger (seems to happen whenever I lose 5-10 pounds but I’m happy to put up with it.) I’ve lost 68 pounds since joining OA in Jan 2016. 48 of that since starting Bright Line Eating in November 2017. Crazy and wonderful. I weigh 192 pounds. Onederland again! 22 pounds until I get back to where I was after bariatric weight loss surgery. (RNY August 2009)

I’m wearing size 12 jeans instead of 22 or bigger. I wore a snug dress and heels to the OA convention banquet.

And I danced.

A lot.

My new friend took a video because I was worrying about my bat wings and was the dress too tight and blah blah blah.

I look normal. I look happy.

I’ve surrendered to the reality that as a compulsive overeater I will never be a normal eater.

But I can have a normal body and I can wear normal clothes and I am happy and free from my compulsive food behavior. And thin. Happy, Thin and Free.

For today. (Because that’s all I’ve got!)


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