It’s just a number

My Weight History in Numbers


What I weighed at birth. I am happy to say I have no burning desire to get back to this weight. 1963.


What I weighed at the end of high school when I thought I was fat. I wore size 16. I wish I could go back and tell her how perfect she was, just the way she was with no need to starve or take pills or exercise to the point of pain and injury. 1981


What I weighed at the end of freshman year after a year of my all you can eat food plan. I had never had access to this kind of food or so much of it. 1982.


What I weighed after a semester abroad in London where I was broke, eating vegetarian and walking miles and miles every day in 1984.


What I weighed when I left for a six month job in the Africa Division at Coca-Cola in 1993.


What I weighed when I met my husband in 1995.


What I weighed when I started hiking the Appalachian Trail. Too heavy and my ankles gave out. 1998.


What I weighed on my wedding day. Why was I weighing on my wedding day???? 1998.


What I weighed when I found out I was pregnant with Jacob. 2001.


My highest recorded weight. Diabetes. Sleep apnea. Arthritis. Joint pain. Chest pains. Unable to do much of anything. My doctor recommended weight loss surgery. 2005.


What I weighed after two years of trying to lose weight and begin exercising and eating healthy. Poor balance led to a bad fall and the decision to have weight loss surgery. 2009.


What I weighed when I had weight loss surgery. 2009.


My lowest weight after surgery and before the hunger came back. 2010.


What I weighed when I joined OA. 2016.


What I weighed when I discovered Bright Line Eating and surrendered to my addiction to flour and sugar.


What I weigh today. 2018.


Number of days in OA.


My next goal weight. To get below my lowest after surgery weight and not have ab obese or overweight BMI. When??? 4 months? More? Less? Don’t know.


My new, ultimate goal weight. At my height of 5’4″ I am told I could go to 125. But I’d be pretty scrawny at 149, so I might stick somewhere between 169-125.

Somedays I marvel at how thin I am. Somedays I am overwhelmed by how fat I am. I wear a size 12 which is awesome but shows how sizes are such a joke because I know I’m bigger. I do have some body dismorphia but I know I’m bigger and flabbier than I was at 199 in 1998. And yet, I am much more at peace with this size than I have ever been. 2018 is a good year.

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