Welcome to the Circus! Maintenance – Week Three

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster ride as far as my weight was concerned: I was up one day, down the next. But when the ride was over, I was back to where I started and maintained my weight for another week, including a teeny tiny .2 lb loss – so negligible it might have been my earrings or a different shirt!.

I’m feeling good about that because it was NOT an easy week. For two weeks in a row I’ve worked with no days off and long hours to support a software release and design tasks for new projects. I’m tired, but apparently I didn’t rely too much on snacking to keep me going – something I would have done in my morbidly obese days. Instead I made sure I got in some exercise every day and I tried to eat healthy meals and snacks. I went off plan a few times, but I tried to balance that with lean protein and veggies at the following meals, walking the tight rope between loss and gain.

There were some days this week where I felt like the fat lady at the circus. Cutting back on exercise has had a pretty quick impact on how toned I was, so there’s a lot more flab than I had at the end of the last boot camp. Initially I freaked out about that, but logic and reason have returned and I am trying to focus on the 145 pounds I lost and how big a difference that is. A pound of flab may feel huge and disgusting but in reality, I’m the only one who noticed. (Or at least the only one who said anything! LOL)

I have to keep remembering that the difference is dramatic. Did I mention my neighbor who didn’t recognize me? I was going into the gym yesterday and held the door for a lady who lives just down the street from me. I said hello and she nodded politely and I realized she didn’t know who I was. Initially I thought it was because she’s older, but when I introduced myself, she immediately knew who I was, but was so floored by the change that she kept me talking for 10 minutes!  That felt good – I can see going around and looking up a lot of people I haven’t seen in a year or more to relive that feeling. Just kidding. I think.

Getting a late, lazy start this morning. I’ve just been enjoying the sunshine and the first fall colors in my front yard. The boys and I are going on a bike ride tomorrow, so I hope we see a lot more of that. I can’t wait! We’ll take a picnic and bike out to the lake on the silver comet trail and eat our lunch, then come back. Or maybe we’ll find a new section to ride. We like the Rambo to Coot’s Lake section so much, that we tend to go every time. But it’s good to try new things.

Well, I’m off to yoga, then my son’s final baseball game of the season. Then I have to choose between a Weight Watcher’s event or lunch out with the boys at the farmer’s market. Maybe we could do both? Hmmm….

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather. Before we know it, winter will be here (already is for a lot of my friends!) and we’ll be pining for sunshine and blue skies, so get some sun while it shines.

Listen to your pain

I slept late this morning – never even set my alarm. Woke with the sun and the first birdsong at 7:36! So now I have to skeedaddle so I can get to Weight Watchers and then get my swim in before work. I had an amazing workout yesterday with the boys. We all went to the DBC Fitness center in Dunwoody and did the couch to 5k program on the indoor track. That was perfect for us! We kind of all did our thing and walked together sometimes, ran together sometimes, but mostly just circled around each other. We could all stay in sight and all go at our own pace. Then we went to one of the exercise rooms and lifted weights, did situps and squats together. We all really, really enjoyed it. Loved seeing my husband jogging. Love, love, LOVED seeing my handsome son running around the track and counting his laps. He was DETERMINED to finish a mile. I think that’s pretty awesome and he can already see that he’s able to do more than he could last week. A great lesson to learn when you are only eight.

Makes me think – what would my life have been like if I’d learned to stick to exercise after I left junior high? I used to be on the track team when I was 13. If I’d stuck to that, then the PCOS probably would never have gotten so bad. I definitely wouldn’t have ballooned up over 300 pounds (over and over again) and I think my battle with depression would have a lot more successful skirmishes.  I would still have needed to deal with all my past baggage and issues, but I wouldn’t have been simultaneously dealing with low self-esteem and a poor body image, which I dealt with by medicating myself with food.

Right now I keep straying off the path but the resulting feelings about myself are so painful, after all these months of being proud of myself. That pain is a great alarm system and I realize that it is one of the things that is helping me make course corrections right now. If I can keep dealing with that pain and responding to it in a way other than eating myself into a coma, then I’m going to be alright.

I can’t  continue to suppress that pain with food, I have to let myself feel it – even if just for a few minutes before I distract myself from it again. Every day, I try to feel it a little longer until I can really hear it and understand what is causing the pain. Once I figure that out, then I can start to deal with it in a way that doesn’t involve a bag of Doritos and a pint of ice-cream!

Well, I’ve got a scale to face at Weight Watchers and a pool to conquer. Then I’m going to treat myself to a half hour of steam and jacuzzi before I head to work. I have the best job in the world, even if I was working until 7 pm every night this week!

Have a wonderful day and try to listen to any pain you might be feeling.

Maintenace – Week Two

Starting Stats: Weight: 175, Waist: 34 inches, Hips (really belly button): 37 inches, Pants size: 12 (some 10’s); Tops: size 10/Medium
Week Two Stats: Weight 176, Waist: 34 inches, Hips(really belly button: 39, Hips: 41, Pants size: 12 (no 10’s); Tops: size 10/Medium

Am I doing the math right? A year of “maintenance” like last week will put me at 52 pounds higher and 104 inches bigger on my stomach! Okay, maybe not that bad, but bad enough. Here’s what I did and didn’t do last week, on my plan:


MOVE PLAN: 30-45 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week. Long hike or bike ride, start riding my bike to work, swimming once, weight lifting twice a week

Actual: I made it to the gym twice for weight lifting – check! 1 swim – check! Several walks, 1 easy run, 1 short bike ride. 5 days – check! On the other hand – I don’t think it was intense enough. I feel a bit flabbier and my belly measurement supports that. Need to crank it up a bit. M/W: Weight lifting; T.Th: Running; Fri: Swimming; Sat: yoga or kickboxing class; Sunday – long bike ride.  Walk at lunchtime every day. Bike to work at least once this week.

EAT PLAN: Concentrate on the Weight Watchers’ Simply Filling technique. Stick lean protein, and add as many veggies as I can eat until I feel SATISFIED.

Actual: I feel as if I was constantly eating, stuffing something into my mouth. I ate mindlessly, I ate poorly, I did all the things I said I would not do.  This week has to be different. Period.

LIVE PLAN: Starting to explore my dream job. Spend as much fun, active time as I can with my son and husband. See my girl friends more frequently and have people over more. We need to socialize as a family.

Actual: Did more with Fred and Jacob: bowling, baseball, more evenings at home, dinner together, time in the mornings. Did a little research on the dream job. Didn’t see any girlfriends, but talked to them. No friends over.  Still needs work.

THINK PLAN: Working on my book – finish the first draft by December 10th.

Actual: Not a word. I did blog a bit, that was all. Put in 10 extra hours at work, I think that is where my time went.

With that down in black and white, I’m going to the gym to work out and focus on getting more exercise into my life this week. The sun is up and the sky is filled with pink and blue streaks. It’s a good day to ride my bike to work, but I need to finish the weight lifting.

Run With Me

Lately my husband and son have been getting up earlier, so those early mornings alone, focused on writing and exercising have turned into early mornings spent talking and planning and catching up on our lives. On Thursday morning I really needed to get in a workout, but I just didn’t want to leave them. We’ve been talking for weeks about the boys starting the Couch to 5k program, so I decided this was the perfect time to make that happen.

First, the boys are not morning people. There was kind of a blank look and then a bit of resistance, but they both agreed. Then there was the drama of finding their MP3 players and downloading the first week “Wheezing your way from Couch to 5k” – Chubby Jones, aka Mia – love it. That took MUCH longer than it should have but I kept my cool and kept reminding myself that I had to work late, then I had a Women in Technology seminar so I wouldn’t really see them that evening.

FINALLY – we were all dressed, fitted out with our mp3 players, the podcast and out the door. Then we struggled to get everyone synched up so we could start at the same time. That did not work. My son hated the headphones while he was running and my husband’s was always 2 minutes behind me. So we ended up following my lead and I called out the time and passed on Mia’s encouragements.

And – we did it! Towards the end my son was definitely flagging, and he cried a little when we were finished – it was definitely harder than he thought. But on the other hand, he did it! Then we started talking about running a 5k together next year and how this was all good practice for ski season. Immediately he was excited and talking about skiing black diamonds again and taking snow boarding lessons. My husband did well, he said because of the interval training program I created for him on the treadmill.

And though it wasn’t hard for me, since I’ve been running longer, I really enjoyed running together. I think it will be good for all of us and yet another way to spend time together and maintain the new level of overall health we’ve achieved.

Speaking of maintenance, found a great new blog for my blogroll this morning called Debra’s Just Maintaining.  http://justmaintaining.wordpress.com/

I loved all the links to medical studies and she’s a good writer. I’m going to check out the link to Dr. Berkely


who is a doctor that focuses on maintaining weight loss and has written a book. I’m going to check out the website first, then maybe I’ll check out the book.  But for the first time in my life, I’d rather get active than get a book! I really have to get going because we’re going on a bike ride this morning, followed by a picnic. Then we’ve got baseball practice and at some point I’ve got to fit in some housework, laundry, paperwork and cooking!

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this gorgeous fall day with someone you love.