BLT Rhapsody

One of the interesting things about eating less is how great it tastes. I savor my food now and I’m really picky about what I eat. I deem things worthy or not worthy of my pouch. Something that is worthy of the pouch must taste great – not just okay. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I went to the Dunwoody’s Farmer’s Market on Wednesday. Picked up two heirloom tomatoes, a small head of organic butter lettuce, a pound of organic, applewood smoked bacon and a loaf of hand made, whole wheat/multigrain bread.

For dinner Fred cooked the bacon until crisp. Gorgeous! Very lean and meaty and such a flavor and texture. The bread had that perfect chewy, elastic texture that handmade bread has. The tomatoes tasted warm and sweet from the sun and the lettuce was melt in your mouth soft and crisp. A little Olive Oil mayo (love that stuff!) and some sea salt for the tomatoes and we had a beautiful dinner. We savored every bite!

I think my next food adventure is a fresh fruit cobbler to enjoy all the beautiful fruit of the summer. Substitute some splenda for the sugar and almond flour and whole wheat flour for the usual white flour and I think we’ll have something very special.

Happy cooking!