Happy Birthday to My Son

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Dear J,

It is about 3:00 AM and I’m awake and working a software release. While I wait for the system to come up for testing, I was having a happy romp through family pictures from 2001 to 2011. Watching the progress as Dad and I went from couple to family. Watching you go from baby to boy.  From literally thousands of pictures, I picked one from January of each year to show the joy and fun and love that you have brought to our lives.

2001 – This is from late December – enjoying the brand new nursery – letting the girls (Scrappy and Honey) check out the new furniture. My mom and sisters came over and helped get everything ready because you ALMOST had a December birthday!

2002 – Mom is awake at last and gets to meet you and the magic begins. Holding, feeding, changing, bathing and just looking at you kept us pretty busy for the next year!

2003 – You are definitely your father’s son! When you pressed the keys, music would play and flowers would pop up on the screen and you just loved it. You quickly graduated to video games, as I recall.

2004 – The boots. There were always boots.  (Which makes you definitely your mother’s son!) Boots and gloves and some sort of weapon were pretty much required attire every day.

2005 – A very warm January and we spent the day in the woods, playing in the water and splashing rocks. Weapons are from your Teenage Mutant Ninja birthday party – remember how freaked out the other parents were that I gave everyone weapons?

2006 – We hung a swing under the deck and pushed until our arms gave out. Then we did it some more.

2007 – One of my all time favorites. Another very warm January and you ran up on the hill and started spinning and dancing around on the little hill near our house after a walk to the bagel shop. Joy.

2008 – Footie pajamas and jumping on my bed – I remember that we were living in an apartment while we renovated the house – that was the same year you go the Bumblebee bike and transformer and I had to keep transforming it back into a car for you!

2009 – Surrounded by your buds – especially your best friend Seth, who was there for your 3rd birthday and is coming over this morning for birthday number 9.

2010 – Up all night, sanding, painting and weighting that little wooden car was exhausting, but winning 2nd place in the Boy Scout Pine Car Derby? That was priceless!

2011 – We just got back from a trip to Tahoe where you fearlessly learned to snowboard and by the end of the week you could ride black diamonds with moguls. How cool is that?

Happy birthday my son. I love you with all my heart. I’m so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. I want you to know how special you are. How much joy you bring to my life. You make me happy just being you, so keep doing that.  Here’s to another magical year, watching you.

Love you,