Labor of Love

My husband built me a light therapy box. It’s beautiful. It is 11 1/2 inches wide, by 15 inches tall and 9 inches deep. It’s made of sanded and polyurethaned pine so it is soft and satiny smooth. The inside is painted silver and has six super bright daylight bulbs that produce 10,000 lumens at a light temperature of 5500 degrees Kelvin. It has a lightly sanded plexiglass cover that defuses the light and can be removed to get to the bulbs. The wiring on the back is covered by velcroed plastic disks that can also be removed to get to the wiring. There is a timer switch that allows me to set it for a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute treatment – all the way up to 60 minutes, though the maximum recommendation is 30 minutes.

I started with 15 minutes yesterday, but didn’t get the same effect as I do with the Apollo Golite P1 device until I did it for 30 minutes. Interesting. Perhaps something to do with the bluewave lights? Or the 6500 degree Kelvin light temperature? I may try experimenting with different light bulbs – we went with the slightly less expensive daylight bulbs rather than the $25 therapy lights since my husband’s research indicated that there wasn’t really a difference. I feel like there is a difference, so we’re going to add in one therapy light to increase the light spectrum that is produced.

I have to confess, I never really thought it would be finished. He started the process in October and it was so much more complex and so much more involved that I honestly thought it would join the long list of projects that we start but don’t finish.

I stand corrected. My husband built me a light therapy device. And it was a labor of love.

Time for my grow light

Philips GoLite

It is 6:29 am and the sun is still not up. Yes, it’s definitely fall. I love fall. The cool mornings and evenings. The chance to wear a jacket or sweater again until the day heats up, but I still get to wear my summer clothes. Especially this year because I suspect I won’t be wearing these again. They are mostly 12’s and some 14’s and will be too big next year. I’m going to pack them away in a couple of months, but I think when I take them out next summer, they will be big and baggy.  That’s okay – I’ve picked up a lot of summer stuff at the goodwill and thrift shops. Now is a good time to buy for summer since everyone is cleaning out their closets and going to fall/winter clothes. I got a couple of gorgeous linen jackets, shirt and skirts this weekend. All too small, I thought, as they were size 8’s, but I managed to get one pair of pants zipped, so I think it is not unreasonable to believe I’ll be a size 8 in 9 months.

I had to stop for a minute and read that again. I’ll be a size 8. Yes. That’s what it says. Me, the extra extra extra extra large girl. The size 4x, size 28 woman. Wearing a size 8. Okay, I’m done. Moving on!

I started this thread to write about my grow light. LOL. It isn’t really a grow light, it’s a therapy light. I have the Philips golite that sits on my desk at work. Since I work in a cube, about 6 months of the year I need to do a light treatment in the mornings. In the really deep days of winter, when there are days and days that I don’t get sun, I do one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.

Here’s the link for the Philips GoLite that I use at work:

This year I am thinking about getting a wake up light. It gradually increases the ambient light in the room and keeps you on a more regular schedule. I tend to sleep too much in the winter and it drags me down instead of energizing me. This is the one I’m thinking about:

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise

It has a ton of reviews, most of them positive. I’m going to get Fred to take a look at it. He’s really good at reading the reviews and finding the right produce.

The lights help, but I think the weight loss and the exercise help more.  This past winter was the first time in about 12 years that I haven’t needed medication to get through the winter.

Speaking of exercise, Boot Camp got extended into next week, so now it’s 7 weeks instead of 6. I’m down about 3 pounds (whooo hoo!) and I’ve definitely increased my strength and endurance.  I’ve still got a couple more weeks of scuba class on Friday nights and then I’m going to start belly dancing. After that – rock climbing!

Well, the sun is finally up and it’s time to get going on Grandma Stinky!  Have a great day!