Post #100

I just noticed that I’ve posted 99 times so this will be number 100. I’ve been enjoying it, though the last week has been hard, because I’m tired and my schedule is off. I get so used to waking up early, exercising and then going to bed early. I LIKE that schedule. But with a 6:30 pm boot camp, I don’t even get home until 8pm. Then shower, dinner and some time with the family and I don’t get to bed until 11. And then I’m WIRED and it takes forever to read myself to sleep.

Am I whining? Oh crap – I’m whining! Okay – deep breath, positive attitude in, bad attitude OUT!

So I made yogurt Sunday night. It took about 15 minutes of hands on time and lots of time watching the cooking thermometer. Then I went to sleep while it cooked, and put it in the fridge before work. I came home at lunch to strain it and at dinner last night it was perfect.

But tiny.

One half gallon of milk makes about 2 cups of thick, creamy greek style yogurt. No wonder that stuff is so expensive. The milk alone cost me almost $4 and I really thought I’d have more. But by the time I strained out the whey, there wasn’t that much left. Apparently you can use the whey for baking, so I saved it and will try a nice whole wheat cottage loaf on Friday night for Shabbos dinner.

Boot camp was hard, but mainly in my head. Fighting my demons who really want to cheat and whine about how hard it is and oh, poor me! My arms hurt, my legs hurt, my knee hurts, blah blah blah. Enough. Just suck it up and do it.

I gained 2 pounds since last week, which I am putting down to muscle because I lost over an inch off my stomach. I have to keep measuring it, because it looks HUGE to me when I look in the mirror, much bigger than it ever did when I weighed 143 pounds more.

I know that is just my fat-head talk, because Fred posted some pictures from our trip to Vermont/New York and I look pretty good, I think. If I can figure out how to make them smaller on Jacob’s computer, I’ll load them up. I really need to get my computer fixed. Sigh. I’m whining again.

Okay, I’m going to see if I can get out the door and go swimming. Need an attitude adjustment!

Yogurt and Patience

I think yogurt making must be one of those zen activities, like rotating bottles of champagne or trimming bonsai trees. Very slow and meticulous. Lots of waiting and observing. First you heat the milk to 185 degrees. Slowly, don’t let it really boil, stirring occasionally.  Then you have to let the milk cool off until it gets back to around 110-115 degrees.  This takes a lot longer than you would think. About an hour, in fact. I got impatient and cheated a bit  and poured it from the metal pan into the individual yogurt jars and that speeded it up. Serves me right for being impatient if the yogurt is nasty. But the temperature finally hit the range and I stirred in my two tablespoons of starter into one of the cups of milk. The starter was some organic yogurt from the farmer’s market with live and active cultures. I poured all the milk back into the pan and blended it with the  starter milk. Then I  started ladling it back into the jars. Only to remember that I’d doubled the recipe. So I poured it back out and stirred in two more tablespoons, stirred, blended and then ladled again. Finally got it all covered and into the yogurt maker, covered it and set the timer for 10 hours. I got up earlier and took a look at it. Looked like yogurt, but there was still 17 minutes to go, so I let it keep cooking until the timer went off. Then I used the cover as a tray and put all the jars into the fridge to set. Apparently this the most common mistake is doing stuff to it until it has had a chance to set up. So – 3-4 hours minimum in the fridge means I will get to do some straining this evening when I come home. (I might sneak home at lunch and do it – I really want to try this stuff!)

Next step is to strain out the whey (liquid) to make greek yogurt. I’m excited! I’ve got my honey and blueberries and my pack of Splenda just WAITING!


I have no patience. Sigh.

Speaking of patience and zen and hurry – I had a serious bitch alert yesterday. We were going over to a friend’s house for a birthday dinner and of course we were running late. I raced around and did what I was supposed to do at lighting speed. But then, of course,  the boys weren’t ready. ARGGHGHGH! Really? What were they doing? Not the essential, we have to get out of the house stuff, but random things like checking on the dogs and putting away dishes. Okay, all needed to happen at some point, but could easily have been done earlier in the day or after we got back.

And yes, I could have been less of a bitch about it. I was monstrously rude to my poor husband. And for what? We were 6 minutes late and the only other guest didn’t get there until 30 minutes after we did. It was a nice relaxed evening and there probably wasn’t any reason for me to do my impersonation of the orcs in the Two Towers. I was slashing my verbal whip for all it was worth. I really need to work on my patience. I’m pretty good with everyone else on the planet except myself, my husband and my son. Why is that?

I need to learn to relax more. I’m taking yoga, meditating and making yogurt – maybe I need to get a bonsai tree.